A paradise to take you away from the shackles of urbanization.

In Pabbar valley, you can either pump your adrenaline through trekking or fishing in the Pabbar River for a calm and serene experience

Although situated only about 80 km away from Shimla, Pabbar Valley does not get many tourists. However, this hamlet in Himachal is graced with a surfeit of nature’s beauty. It has also managed to get away from the shackles of urbanization. The dense forests deluged with deodar and oak trees, the verdant valley, and the lush green meadows is a sight you cannot take your eyes off. The valley lies beside the Pabbar river that courses through the Chanshal range, orchards, and forests. It is a perfect place for every adventure seekers as the majestic landscape, and its scenic beauty has given rise to some thrilling trails. In a nutshell, this small village hidden in the lap of the mountains is no less than a paradise.


What to do in Pabbar valley


The essence of the Pabbar valley is in its natural beauty and panoramic views resulting in many trekking paths to indulge yourself in. You cannot leave the place without hiking, at least at one of them.

Rohru-Buran Ghati Pass

This trek begins at Rohru, a small town in the vicinity of the valley. The town is known for its orchards of fruit-bearing trees and trout fishing. On your way to Buran Ghati pass, which lies at an elevation of 4500 meters, you’ll come across gurgling lakes, dense foliage forests, and captivating meadows. You also have a chance of encountering shepherds as it is a common route for the shepherds going to Kinnaur.

Kharapathar- Giri Ganga

The most convenient thing about the trail is that the path is well-marked to avoid confusion or getting lost. It starts from Kharapathar and takes its trekkers past Rohru, after which the trail arises. Now you’ll get through the pine forest, farms, and meadows until you reach the Giri Ganga Temple, the endpoint of the trek. In this path, you’ll also get to see the stunning views of the Chander Nahan mountain ranges.

Janglik- Chandernahan Lake

Many trekkers opt for this trek to the Chandernahan lake. This lake doesn’t only has magnificent views, but the water here is also considered to be sacred. The popular belief is that the water has the power to wash away all of your previous sins if you take a dip in it. 

The lake is situated at an altitude of 4000 m and will astound you with its sensational surroundings and for its fresh and spotless water. You can reach till Janglik village with a vehicle, after which you have to walk through the middle of forests rich with rhododendron, pine, and oak trees.


Dhaula – Rupin Pass

It is one of the most popular treks in the Pabbar valley due to the path filled with changing landscapes. Start the trek from Dhaula, and you’ll cross through dense forests, high cliffs, small hamlets, and snowfields before reaching the endpoint, which lies at an elevation of 4619 m. However, the highlight of the trek is the enthralling waterfall. The trekkers will also pass the banks of the Rupin river, which is also a mesmerizing experience.


Gadsari Village-Saru Lake

Even though this trek is not as popular as the other treks in Pabbar valley and also considered to be the shortest, the trek will take you through beautiful meadows, a few streams, green vegetation. At the endpoint, you’ll also get the satisfaction of seeing the mesmerizing Saru lake.

Fishing and angling

The Pabbar River offers great fishing opportunities. Fishes like Goonch, Golden Mahseer, and Trout thrive in this river. The area has seen anglers since colonial times. However, Rohru, a town near the banks of river Pabbar, has lately become a top destination spot among the anglers and the fishers, especially in trout fishing. Moreover, having breath-taking surroundings and a clean and fresh atmosphere has made this place a paradise for anglers.



Sightseeing is also a great way to explore the panoramic views of the Pabbar valley. The valley spans over quaint hamlets like Kotkhai, Fagu, Jubbal, Chirgaon, Mahasu, and many more, which gives incredible views of mountains, meadows, and verdant forests. Rivers, lakes, and ancient temples are at almost every corner of these small regions. 

Taking a stroll along the banks of the Pabbar river is something you will certainly enjoy due to the scenic views and the gurgling voice on the background.


Where to stay

Since the valley is focused on trekking, you can camp around the path you are hiking to stay the night. However, there are not many homestays available in this area for the tourists, but you can opt for the hotels in Shimla as it is only 80 km away from the valley.

Best time to visit

By the climate condition of the region, the spring and summer season is the best time to visit Pabbar valley that covers the month of March till June. The days are pleasant and warm with clear blue skies, and the nights have a bearable cold. Also, the temperature ranges from 24°C-18°C, making the experience of sightseeing and trekking enjoyable. Moreover, it’s also a great time for fishing Mahseer and Trout.

How to reach

By road: Since the valley is in the vicinity of Shimla, it is well-connected to it by road. After reaching Shimla, you can hire a cab to reach your destination. Rohru is the most suitable town if you are traveling from Shimla. You can also take a bus from Shimla ISBT from where buses leave for different cities, including Pabbar valley. It would take about Rs. 50 for the bus ride.

By rail: The nearest railway station to the Pabbar valley is Kalka railhead, which is about 170 km away from Rohru. You can take a taxi outside the station that will take you directly to your destination. The car ride would cost you around Rs. 2000, which is quite more expensive than traveling by bus.



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