Story Of Roshni Sharma, The First Indian Female MotorBiker To Travel From Kanyakumari To Kashmir.

Who is Roshni?

Roshni Sharman, born in Narora, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, traveled in a bike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, a trip of over 5000 km. In this solo trip, she covered 11 different states in over 14 days. Growing up, she had always been an ardent lover of adventures. Her love for motorcycles increased when she first rode it at the age of 16. It was her father who taught her to ride one. She started this journey at the age of 26 when she was living in Bangalore and earning a decent amount of money by working in an It firm.

More than a journey

This record-breaking idea bloomed when she was expressing her desire to travel solo for a long-distance motorcycle ride to her friend Roshan. He then told her about this expedition and informed her that she would be the first Indian girl to do it. This challenge motivated and inspired her. But for Roshni, it was not only a trip, as she also wanted to break down gender stereotyping through it. Some of her friends and family didn’t agree with her in this idea, and they kept pestering her that it isn’t safe for a woman to travel India alone.

Biggest challenge of her trip

She said to Redbull that convincing her parents for this trip was the most difficult thing to do. In an interview with yourstory, Roshni commented that there is no difference between a man and a woman. “If a man can do it, then there is nothing stopping from me from doing it.” Before embarking on this expedition, she did a lot of research on the weather and planning routes. She also bought a bike, biking gear, and necessary equipment. She even learned more about a bike, in case it broke down and maintained her fitness level to make herself mentally prepared.

Planning essentials and tips

It took her about 8 months to completely plan this journey, and she also got a camera to capture some incredible moments in her journey. To anyone who wants to travel the world, Roshni’s first tip is to do budget-planning and gain as much knowledge as possible about the places. Joining a travel community to connect to other travelers is also a great way to start preparing for the trip.  The entire trip cost her almost 1 lakh, but the joy and the experience she gained was worth it. 

Riding on the most challenging highway in the world

She left Kanyakumari on June 28th, 2014. With an interview with Redbull, Roshni revealed the most challenging part of this journey was traveling alone for such a long way.  Her route included the Manali-Leh highway, one of the most dangerous and difficult in the world. “I had a very tough time on Manali -Leh highway on the 2nd day……. I fell thrice on that day. But people were nice and readily helped every single time.”

However, she also mentioned those people were shocked to see a woman riding a motorcycle in such hilly areas. She is a firm believer in the adage- “if you set your mind to do something, then you can achieve it. Nothing can stop you.” She was urged not to go through central India as this is where many cases of rapes, murder, and theft have taken place. But she refused to stereotype any place based on these things and hence decided to take the central Indian route. She never faced any difficulty regarding accommodation. She would call a friend and inform him about her next destination and ask him about details for the nearest cabin.

Although it wasn’t all easy for her. There were times she felt afraid and scared while crossing forests and jungles. “I almost cried once, too. But, you get used to it and stop fearing these things” Roshni informed Yourstory. But at the same time, she faced many incredible moments as well. When reaching halfway through her journey, many newspapers have covered her story as it was quite an unusual thing to see in India. As soon as the news spread all over India, people started asking her whether she was the girl in the news. Roshni loved that people wanted to know more about her, and they were welcoming and helpful as well.

Learnings for a better tomorrow

This journey measured her strength, endurance, and adaptability as she endured a diverse range of terrains, including mud, snow, water, gravel, sand, and stone. But it was also the best part of her journey as seeing the diversity from the massive ocean in the South to the Himalayas in the north gave her great pleasure. At the end of the trip, she has also changed as a person. Roshni has now become a better rider, improved her concentration, and toughened her mentally. Going on such a long trip alone, taught her how to stay alert all the time. Roshni has a wonderful definition of travel- “Travelling makes your leadership qualities better, makes you intelligent and broadens your mind because you get exposed to the new culture.”

Roshni is now happily married and lives in Amsterdam. She has traveled to 15 countries till now, and Greece is her favorite place among them due to its rich history, delicious food, and the splendid blue water beaches. Roshni is not someone who blindly follows a herd; instead, she violates every stereotype that acts as a barrier for every small-town girl to chase their dream. She urges them to stand up for themselves and not to pre-assume things from the beginning and lose hope without even trying.

Word of advice

Through this journey, she wanted to set an example that women have the strength to do anything they want, even if that requires huge strength and courage. After the completion of the trip, she helped some female travelers who contacted her. She advised them on how to start traveling. Roshni said to yourstory that the only thing stopping someone from accomplishing what they want is the person itself.

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